Finding a reliable company with experience in web design and digital marketing projects has become a little challenging. There are many companies in this field, but the quality of services provided by each is different. Among these companies, the most reliable and reputable website design company should have a set of features that will be mentioned here:


As mentioned previously, there are currently a large number of operating website design companies, which are mostly fledgling and have started their activities recently. However, few of them have the experience of at least 10 years and are among the pioneers. These companies have a solid resume and numerous successful portfolios. Of course, having a track record alone is not enough benchmark for a reputable company.

Required Legal Permits

The most reliable and reputable web design company should have a set of legal licenses. The most common and valid legal licenses in web design and digital marketing include:

  • License of the Supreme Informatics Council of Iran
  • Organization symbol from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
  • Electronic Trust Symbol from the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade
  • License of the Iranian ICT Guild Organization (with membership code and valid license number)
  • Activity license from the Electronic Union and Computer Services of the Committee of Supervision over Guild Organizations

Obtaining the necessary standards to receive each of the abovementioned licenses is a challenging task that not every company is able to fulfil. These standards cannot be met by all the companies and only a few active companies in this field are able to receive all the licenses.

Customer Satisfaction Record

Most website design companies put customer feedback on the front page of their website. In most cases, the company’s strengths are mentioned. To see more comments, if you have a blog, you can refer to the blog articles to see more comments in that regard.

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Professional Team

A success factors of a reliable and reputable web design company is to have a professional and skilled team of experts. Timely and principled progress of projects is possible only through a cooperation of a professional team. Therefore, an expert team is also one of the evaluation factors regarding finding the most reliable and most reputable website design company.

Web Support

Offering after-sales service is a very important factor in web design and web development companies. After the completion of the project and delivering it to the customer, most companies allocate a certain period of several months for web support, during which the company can benefit from the support section in case of any problems. Having a professional website support team, preferably 24 hours, would be a great benefit for a reputable web design company.

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Last Word

In addition to what has been mentioned above, the most reliable and reputable website web design company should have a professional work ethic and always benefit from the suggestions and criticisms of its customers. To progress, the company must be constantly modifying and taking steps to increase its work efficiency.