A website is designed in the best possible way only if you have a specific planning and set of objectives. You need to assess different aspects and define your strategies for content production and also digital marketing.
A website must include certain features in order to be considered as a professional website. In this section, we will discuss the most important features of a successful website design.

Responsive design

A standard website must be compatible with various electronic devices. If this is not taken into account, the site will be displayed in an untidy and inappropriate way on mobile phones and tablets. You will lose a great deal of traffic due to this problem because most people today do their searches using mobile phones. If you do not have a responsive design, you will ignore a large number of audiences.
The second reason for the importance of responsive website design is its direct impact on the rank of your website in search engines. Therefore, a responsive website design can lead to a greater SEO and attract more audience simultaneously.

High speed loading

According to researches, the user only waits for 3 to 5 seconds until your site page is loaded. If your website is not loaded and shown during this period, the user will leave your site and visit your competitors’ websites. This clearly indicates the importance of website speed. In web design, all the speed-increasing techniques should be utilized, such as compressing the size of the images, so that your website will be loaded in the shortest possible time. Google SEO bots also consider site speed as an important factor in website ranking and consider it as a valuable factor. The best website design uses all methods to increase speed and take the most advantage of this opportunity to attract the audience.

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Taking benefit from an SSL certificate and providing templates and additives from reputable sources can greatly guarantee the security of your site, but this does not mean 100% security. It can be certainly stated that no website in the world of web is absolutely secure and there is a possibility of intrusion; however, observing some security points such as the ones mentioned above, can guarantee the security of the website to an acceptable extent.

Powerful SEO

A good ranking place in search engines is an important factor of a successful website. You can help your website SEO by following the frameworks introduced by Google, such as producing appropriate, attractive and useful content in a standard format. To SEO a website, a professional web design company and also digital marketing company can assist you to ensure the best performance and outcome.

The benefits of SEO for your business

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Usage and convenient access (navigation)

The pages and menus of the site should be designed in such a way that the user can easily access the desired content. Proper and short naming of pages and articles can be an effective factor in this section. In the best website design, the designer puts himself in the user’s position and measures the performance of the designed website. Benefiting from this experience, the designer compensates for the shortcomings and optimizes the site.

Creative and innovative look

The first thing that attracts a website user and audience is the appearance and design of the site. Using the right color scheme in website template as well as pleasant and legible fonts will help the user feel more comfortable on website and enjoy visiting it. Using video and multimedia content in the background of pages, graphic menus and using animations in the design could be very attractive to the audience as well.

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At the end

A professional website design is observed only when all the points above and other significant points and audiences’ value are followed. With a professional design, you can increase your audience satisfaction and accordingly increase the traffic, so do not miss an incredible opportunity to have your company professional website, designed right now.