Why should we have a website?

Many of business owners do not consider the business website as something serious and make it their last priority of the business; however, the Corona virus situation has changed the view of many of them. Professional website is an exhibition of products, services, resumes and information which will be available on anywhere in the world. At the lowest possible cost, your business could be easily visited and accessed anywhere at any geographical location.

High Number of Visits and Sales Through a Website

Adding on to business sales and marketing stuff, a professional website could be another member to increase sale and promote the business on online platform.

Web Design and Advertising

Nowadays, designing website and advertising on the Internet and social media have led to the development and expansion of traditional businesses, and industrial and commercial companies have managed to expand their activities internationally and globally. Therefore, it is very important to have a website and optimize it. There are many companies active in the field of website design in Oman, not only their work is of high quality but also they provide professional consultation in the field of advertising, branding and internet marketing, leaving no worries for the customers. One of these companies is Amina Group, which also operates in Oman.

طراحی سایت و تبلیغات

Web Design by Amina Group

Website Design and SEO is among the objectives of this company to ensure the highest quality. Taking advantage of advanced and up to date methods and high scientific level of website design experts in Amina Group has led to receiving cooperation invitations from neighboring countries, including Oman. Amina Group is working tirelessly to increase customer satisfaction by employing expert and experienced team to design website and carry out SEO services in Oman. Designing private, responsive and modern websites, advertising in online platform, website support and maintenance, SEO and website optimization, and advertising in urban areas are among the professional activities of Amina Group in Oman as well as in Iran.

Web Design in Every City of Oman by Amina Group

Taking into account the pandemic and prevalence of Corona virus, there is no need to physically attend to design the website and perform its coordination. Rather, you can easily register your order in Amina Group from anywhere in the world to design the website and ensure of its quality and cost effectiveness. Your satisfaction and time saving are the priorities of Amina Group.

Likewise, if you do not have any ideas about professional website, you can leave it to us without any worries and rest assured. If you already have an idea yourself, just introduce a website similar to the one you are interested in, along with your intended features, and the color scheme you want. We will provide you with your customized and intended website in the shortest possible time.

Web Design in Muscat

Muscat is the capital city of Oman as well as the most important and most populous city. The benefits of website design in Muscat, Oman, include 24-hour availability, reduced costs in terms of water, electricity and gas consumption, prevention of wasting time to respond to the customer, being online and strong marketing since the customers can access all products and see the services completely; the international exhibition of products with the lowest cost is practically always held without having to pay for water, electricity and tax bills. Amina Group is active in Muscat, Oman, focusing on important factors in the field of web design and SEO. Amina Group has also spread its activities to other important cities of Oman including Barka, Salalah and Sohar. This company designs websites and SEO in accordance with global standards and the latest changes in Google algorithms so that the website is not only approved by search engines, but also has no problems in terms of SEO and website optimization.

طراحی سایت در مسقط

Online Store Web Design in Oman

Upon the extensive application of internet and use of online stores and creating an easier platform for shopping, most stores perform a portion of their selling in an online mode. Therefore, it seems necessary to have a professional designed website to sell the products and attract customers. Online sales require a suitable store website that arranges products in the best way and provides an easier shopping environment for the customer. With Amina Group, you can have the highest sales with the lowest cost. In line with this objective, fulfill your dreams and display your ads in cyberspace and online platform to the public.

Together with the expansion of store websites, the customers are more inclined to order online. Online store should instill a sense of security and trust to the user and convert a user to a potential customer and then regular customer. If you intend to compete with other competitor’s online stores, designing an online store is essential to the success of your online business store. Appropriate visual elements and design based on psychological principles will turn you into a professional businessman.

Company Website Design in Oman

The most important and effective action is to design an attractive and professional website to introduce a brand to customers. Due to this reason, company websites are an important part of the modern business. Regardless of the product, services and objectives of companies, an appropriate website can attract many customers. Therefore, designing company websites is very important, especially when it includes digital marketing. Change your business from local to global by having a company website.

Amina Group designs the company websites according to the employers’ requirements and the objectives of the in Oman to increase the sales and earn revenue of the company by attracting users and converting them from users into customers.

Company website is an improved version of the company product catalog and is used as a tool to increase business credibility and introduce products and services to the community as much as possible. Amina Group company websites involve support and service systems and provide the opportunity to make information and facilities available to customers 24/7, and enhance the company’s reputation and customer trust.

Medical Website Design in Oman

Taking into account the rapid growth of pharmaceutical and therapeutic information and spread of medical knowledge, designing a website in the field of medicine can help patients in terms of information. Designing a medical website makes it possible to find the best doctors in the shortest possible time. In addition to presenting their resumes and introductions, the doctors and medical staff can present and exchange scientific articles and new medical discoveries. Furthermore, by equipping the website with the various services, the doctors and patients can benefit simultaneously. Important features that are considered in designing a medical website are:

  • 24/7 online counseling
  • Registering a secretary for each doctor in the desired panel
  • Capability to accurately report all activities performed
  • Capability of reporting
  • Capability to register patient appointments
  • Sending online messages to patients
  • Capability to pay for online visits
  • Capability to create accounts for doctors and patients

طراحی سایت پزشکی در عمان

Art Website Design in Oman

Users who enter the art website should quickly and initially understand what the site is about, if it is about an artist, who that artist is and what his works are. Amina Group prioritize simplicity, being organized, and high loading speed in art websites. Amina group designs the menu and content of the website quite clearly and simply to attract the user at the first glance and keep them in the website.

Many think that art websites are no longer useful because you can display all kinds of works of art on social networks; however, the important point is that there is no special control over social networks, while you can customize the template and features for your website and what we want to offer. Features considered in an art website design are:

  • Presenting portfolio to display works as image galleries
  • Blog to share information and news to attract users
  • (Store) if there is an intention to sell works of art on the website
  • Event calendar, information and venue of holding related art exhibitions or exhibitions of works by artists
  • Optimizing websites to have a better rank in search engines such as Google
  • Linking social networks for easier user access
  • Choosing proper name for domain
  • Compatibility with different browsers
  • Responsive website
  • Introducing the artist and their works on the website
  • Menu with minimum number of items
  • Division of works and portfolios
  • Paying attention to the size and volume of images
  • Not forcing the user to register or fill out the form
  • Providing complete contact information

Web Design Cost in Oman

The cost of designing website varies depending on the type of website. Company website cost will vary depending on the business. If the business is large or has small and start up activities, the cost of required website will also vary and it is generally not possible to set a specific price for website design.

هزینه طراحی سایت در عمان

The Effect of Website Design in Oman

Taking into account the dramatic increase of internet access, website design is considered as an important factor to increase sales, visits and brand introduction all around the world. A high quality website has a significant impact on the audience and the customer. Insufficient website design can lead to a large decline in the company sales, increased costs and profits. According to surveys, most customers trust companies which own a website more than their competitors without a website. Therefore, it is important to understand how website quality affects customers’ opinion about the business. Amina Group designs and conceptualizes websites in a way that it will improve the company in the long run and help to attract more customers. Website design companies in Oman, including Amina Group, have greatly helped to internationalize the activities of various companies and businesses.

The Experience of Amina Group in Website Design

Amina is a specialized group with professional, experienced and young staff that has been working in the field of website design and optimization to help business move from the traditional market to new e-commerce market since 2011. It guarantees customers that the website will be designed in the best possible way and in a completely coordinated manner, while observing the SEO parameters.

The Best Website Designer in Oman

Generally, it can be stated that a company will be successful in designing websites only if it is familiar with the rules of designing websites and SEO in the official language of that country and be fair in terms of the cost that it receives to design the website and offering the services. For instance, Amina Group is familiar with the rules of designing website and SEO in Arabic language for Google search, and always prioritize quality and customer satisfaction.

Credited Website Design

Important criteria that Amina Group considers for website design include:

  • High security and options
  • Adherence to SEO standards
  • Costs involving the costs of setting up, maintaining and developing the website
  • Appropriate ranking of search engines in designing a reputable website
  • High loading speed
  • Reliable content and articles
  • Attractive and professional appearance which might be the most important factor

طراحی سایت معتبر

Some Important Points about Website Design

Colorful Theme of Logo

The design of website is usually inspired by the colors used in the logo and the website color represents the color of the logo.

Legibility of the Website Content

To ensure legibility of the content, fonts and colors which are in line with the readability standards must be used in the website so that the audience does not have difficulty reading the content.

Correct Placement of Elements in the Website

Contrary to popular belief that there is no specific standard regarding the placement of website elements, this work shall be carried out according to rules of psychology to attract the audience.

The Role of Website Design Culture

An ideal design for a website should be based on the culture of the intended visitors, for instance, in designing a car repair service website that is unique or limited to a city, it is better to use the local culture of the same city to design the; however, in an international website such as the Apple website, it is better to use a creative design that everyone likes.

Choosing the Appropriate Domain Address

Choosing a proper name for the website domain is essential and it is better to read a lot before choosing the name because it is better that the website name does not change at all.