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Increase your sales with more than 50% with our ads Advertising on popular and reputable sites, optimizing and designing the site for Google will increase your branding

Online Ads

The impact that advertising will have on cyberspace will not be felt in the real world. Through cyberspace, you can have the most sales at the lowest cost. With the help of the Amina Group team to achieve this goal, fulfill your desire and display your ads in cyberspace to the public.


Website Optimization (SEO)

Touch the first pages of Google with targeted SEO and target your customers. Over time, search engines, especially Google, will give you more credibility. The Amina Group team optimizes your site according to the latest Google algorithms by following the search engine factors.

Web Design

A unique website is your showcase in your business. Principled design according to global standards and search engine algorithms (Google) Each site is considered the trump card of the site manager and will have a great impact on the growth of your business.

Advertising in urban spaces

Advertising everywhere; We are wherever we need to be

Banners of Tehran
Small billboards in the city
Advertising in luxury and prestigious magazines


Site support and maintenance

Website support and maintenance is one of the most important factors in Internet business. A website needs regular maintenance to maintain search engine rankings, provide services and information, attract and retain customers. Amina Group Company has encouraged its customers by providing after-sales service.


Creating a platform for the realization of a future beyond imagination

We believe that our job is not just advertising, but to create a platform for realizing a future beyond your imagination. With this approach, we discover the truth of your brand from the heart of reality, with the support of logic and the need for no magnification, to give your dream of a future a full future and lead you to a greater future than the one you created. Because we have tried truth and intelligence together many times and we have achieved our desire to create and develop a brand in the market and to gain the support and heart of the audience.


Banner ads on popular and reputable sites

Constant and clickable banner ads on reputable and popular sites such as Mehr News Agency, Tabnak, Fars, ISNA, ILNA, Ni Ni Site, Namnak, Iran Naz, Simorgh, Setareh and…

Ad reporting on popular and reputable sites

Publication of news and reports in more than 100 most visited and reputable news sites in Iran

Advertising on virtual networks Instagram and Telegram

Ads studied on high-traffic and reputable sites and social networks that increase customers and brand your products and services.

Ads at the beginning of the most visited videos of reputable sites
SEO and optimization for Google and Bing search engines
Google AdWords Advertising