Online store design and ecommerce have revolutionized how we look at businesses today. Stick around to learn more about their main services and benefits.

What is ecommerce?

Ecommerce which stands for electronic commerce, is the buying and selling of various forms of goods or services over the internet. This business model can be conducted by internet users through smart devices, computers, tablets and smartphones. Nowadays, almost anything is accessible to purchase through ecommerce and online stores.

What is ecommerce web design?

Ecommerce web design refers to the creation of an online store for a line of business. Ecommerce website builders, set up a platform tailored to your target audience, based on your main concept and preferred payment plan.

Steps to designing an ecommerce website

In order to build an ecommerce website, the following pages need to be included:


An ecommerce website’s homepage is considered to be the face of your online business. High-performing ecommerce homepages include:

  • A curated recommendation of trending items
  • Helpful categories of your products or services
  • A high-quality hero image (a large banner image)

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Category pages

Category pages in online store design and ecommerce websites are useful in organizing your offered products and services. These pages also help facilitate the process of discovery through quick access.

Product page

In building an effective product page, designing the following features are essential:

  • Customer reviews
  • Product descriptions
  • Related products or services
  • High-quality images of your products or services

About us page

In crafting a compelling and creative “about us” page for your online store design and ecommerce website, you are given many options. You can talk about the history of your company, your team, your operation and the future you envision for your business.

Checkout page

A checkout page on an ecommerce website pertains to payment and shipping details. This page needs to include all methods of payment that are acceptable to you.

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Search bar and search result page

In order to create an easy on-site search experience for costumers, search bars need to suggest auto completes and provide the right results for misspelled words. in addition, it is best if search results are personalized.

Login forms

In addition to being progressive, login forms for online store design and ecommerce websites need to be as short as possible. The more steps that a registration process requires, the higher the chances of churn get.

Email subscription forms

Email subscription helps drive traffic to your website through making potential costumers aware of products that they’re most likely to be interested in. in order to entice subscribers, an email newsletter form needs to have prominent placement on an online store design and ecommerce website.

What makes a good ecommerce website?

  • Easy navigation: easy navigation in an online shopping website has direct effect on finding the products or services needed quicker and more easily.
  • Responsive format: an ecommerce website with a responsive design is accessible on different devices and screen sizes including computers and mobile phones.
  • Professionalism: a well-designed website is thematically consistent and doesn’t have any errors or misspellings. professional ecommerce websites are designed by IT experts.
  • Trust: in order to go through with an online purchase, the buyer needs to trust your business and brand. Including contact information and a return policy, indicates trustworthiness in a website’s design.
  • Visual appeal: your product’s photos and your website’s colors and fonts need to spark interest in your target audience. The overall aesthetics of winning online stores tend to appeal to different demographics.
  • Scannable content: make your product descriptions, blog posts, etc; short, useful and to the point. In this way, your potential customers will be able to discover the key information just by scanning the provided text.

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Tips on designing a winning ecommerce website

  • Seek customer feedback.
  • Try to think like your audience.
  • Prioritize great user experience.
  • Present a clear path to purchase.
  • Keep the design simple yet unique.
  • Lead the customers through use of visuals.
  • Do not underestimate the power of branding.
  • Share social proof (people’s encounters with your business).
  • Design around the data you’ve obtained about your customers.
  • Try to be noticeably different from your competitors in website features and on-site experience.

Reasons why you need an online store for your business

With the rising growth of online shopping all over the world, getting onboard with ecommerce is considered to be a necessity specially for small or medium sized businesses. Even traditionally offline businesses now have the ability to reach new audiences by displaying their work on websites that are customized for their services.

9 reasons you need an ecommerce website today:

  • 24/7 sales
  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher brand awareness
  • Improved customer support
  • Expanding your reach among larger competitors
  • Showcasing the best of your products and services
  • Increasing the level of convenience for your potential customers
  • Harvesting information about your customers through web analytics
  • Targeting your audience’s interests through communication and marketing

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Advantages of working with Amina Group for your online store design and ecommerce

Amina Group has been active in the field of web design and site optimization since 2011. Amina’s team consists of young experienced IT experts that keep up to date with the marketing world’s ecommerce trends. If your ecommerce website is up and running, it is important to be sure that it will continue on to perform flawlessly. Amina Group offers 24-hour support and assistance in case of any obstructive issues with your online store’s features. Contact our digital marketing consultants for more details through our customer portal.