Is a Modern Design Definable?

Modern is a relative adjective used in website design. It means that a website that may have been known as modern in 2012 does not meet any of the standards of the current modern website.

In this article, the latest criteria to define a modern design site is going to introduced.

What Features do Modern Website have?

  1. Simple Design: The main difference between new websites and old websites is that the old websites were very crowded and untidy. Modern websites have a simpler and more stylish appearance and include a maximum of two columns.
  2.  Content Placement: In the old websites, the content was scattered, but the content in modern website is placed in the middle of the website.
  3. Professional use of colors: In the modern websites, unlike the old websites, less color is used which helps the audience to focus more on the content. Modern websites usually have three color codes. One is used as the main color and the other two are used as auxiliary and complementary colors.
  4. Empty spaces: Blank spaces are smartly used by the designer to beautify the UI of the website in modern web design.

Advertising in Modern Websites:

Unlike the old websites, ads are not seen insanely abundant in modern websites. Modern websites generally do not advertise, and if they do, they try to occupy little spaces and be in the form of a single banner. The important issue about advertising in modern websites is that the webmaster respects the user and allows the user to close the ads if they do not want to see them.

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The Usage of Video and GIF in Modern Websites:

Videos and gifs can be used in modern websites, but the important point is that this video should be compatible with the website in terms of vision, color and the volume. The amount of videos and gifs should not be disturbing to the load speed of the website.

For instance, if you have a trading company, a short video (a few minutes) in which you introduce the company and its atmosphere will both increase the user trust and also the website traffic right after Google indexes the video.

 Appropriate and Large Fonts:

Modern websites have larger fonts compared to older websites. Large fonts can easily be used on modern websites because the content is controlled and we have more free space.

Modern Templates:

Most WordPress templates are designed with a modern shape by default and demos. You can change the content and the design could be inspiring as well.

Modern Online Store Websites:

Modern store websites often do not force the user to register or sign up on their website at the first glance.

In modern online stores, the shopping process should be simple, easy and not confusing to the user and customer.

Product details and description should not be exaggerated. The main content should be concise and providing visual effects is suggested to make the details more convenient and comprehensible or the user.

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Modern Website Design in Oman by Amina:

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