In today’s world of business, the usage of internet has been increasing dramatically. In the meantime, medical services, if provided and advertised online, will have a very significant impact on saving people’s time and their lives in general.

A medical website can specify the clients’ online appointments, saving them time and improving orderliness in the office and clinic.

In medical websites, the users can also view the services provided by the doctor or the clinic online.

 What Are the Features Expected from a Medical Website?

  • Online consultation
  • Hiring secretary or website admin for each or several doctors
  • Capability to register the patients’ appointments
  • Sending online messages to patients
  • Capability to create accounts for patients and doctors
  • Online access to patient records

 What Sections a Medical Website Should Have?

  • Doctor introduction section, which can be in the “about us/ about Dr” section or a separate page.
  • Articles section (blog/ articles) that has a high impact on SEO.
  • Frequently asked questions that is displayed as FAQ.
  • Contact section
  • Gallery/Doctor experience such as surgeries and successful treatment cases
  • Online booking section
  • Comments section to receive the opinion of clients who were visited by Dr.

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What is the Purpose of Designing a Medical Website?

The purpose of designing a medical website is to introduce a doctor, office or clinic services and specialties, and find the relevant clients.

In addition to facilitating work and services for former patients, the medical website will introduce doctor to new patients as well.

 Online reservation in medical site design:

The online reservation section in medical websites can be implemented in different ways. A contact form could be designed to ask the patient to send their information and medical problem and then the secretary or doctor could contact the patient.

The website can also show the available days and hours so that the user/patient can select their intended day and hour of the visit.

Doctor’s Information:

It should be kept in mind that not only the previous patients use the website; therefore, the information and resumes of the doctors should be fully documented. Comments should also be active for each doctor so that former patients can write comments.

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Medical Website SEO:

After designing a medical website, the next step that doctors should pursue would be the SEO of the website.

SEO causes a dramatic increase in the number of visits to the site per day. In words related to SEO, it should be noted that the words are somewhat partial. For example, suppose you are a dentist and it is better to search for the word “dentist” on the first page of Google, not the word “doctor”.

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