Upon the development of the internet and digital businesses, it is nowadays vital to design a personal website to professionalize a personal brand. A personal website can demonstrate the personality and capabilities of personal brand. Therefore, one of the most important steps in choosing the right team to design a personal website is to view and compare the portfolio of different companies in terms of graphics and performance.

Important factors that should be taken into account while designing a personal website include: website specific format, responsiveness, specialized graphics, observance of SEO principles, speed and stability of the website.

The Purpose of Personal Website

By designing a personal website, we can share our skills, ideas and resume online. Other purposes of designing a personal website include keeping up with the digital world, having a digital resume, gaining the trust of customers and users, and archiving activities.

Types of Personal Websites

Personal websites involve fields such as medicine, professors, artists, personal website of the author, etc. Furthermore, influencers could consider designing a personal website to increase their reputation.

Features of a Personal Website Design

Different types of mentioned personal websites offer various features depending on the needs, for instance:

  • Introduction or About Me
  • Resume
  • Biography
  • Writings (including books, translations, articles, etc.)
  • Skills
  • Projects and portfolios
  • Experiences
  • Interviews
  • Social Media Information and Communication Channels

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Importance of Personal website

In the modern world, designing personal website is very important due to the explosion of online and digital businesses. For example:

  • 1005-1 A personal website helps you introduce yourself to others as you wish and makes you more famous and popular.
  • 1005-2 A personal website can help greatly to better introduce yourself on the Internet and thus promote the growth of your business.
  • 1005-3 By having a personal website, you can introduce your resume, biography, portfolio of works carried out previously or any other services you have done to your users and increase your working class and social personality.

Who Needs to Own a Personal Website?

Any individual can have a personal website and there are no restrictions. Even if you do not have a job, you can have a personal website where you can share your views and opinions on current issues of the world such as history, nature, philosophy, science, etc. with people who might be interested.

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Features of a Professional Personal Website

  • Personal website interface should be well designed and in compliance with the purpose, job and circumstances of the individual.
  • Personal website must be optimized.
  • A professional personal website is fast.

Personal Website Design Cost

Designing a personal website varies depending on the experience of the company active in this field, the expertise of their team whether you need a personal website with basic features or you have certain expectations from your personal website. Accordingly, it takes at least 1 or 2 weeks.

Steps to Design a Personal Website

  • Choose a domain name
  • Choose web hosting
  • Appearance and layering of the website
  • Content
  • Attracting the visitors

Applications of Personal Website

  • Suitable to introduce personal activities and works
  • Suitable for artists, photographers and writers with special portfolio display capabilities
  • Suitable for university professors and researchers with special capabilities to highlight their resume

Why Having a Personal Website is Essential in Today’s World?

1011-1 Internet Development and Learning: If you want users to find you by searching the net, you need to have an appropriate website to the field of activity and publish the right information about your personality.

  • 1011-2 Increasing confidence and the sense of security: On personal websites, users could get to know you better by reading your resume and information, and also gain more completed knowledge by reading other people’s opinions and comments.
  • 1011-3 Having a digital resume: By having a personal website, you do not need to send your resume, honors and documents on your personal website, you can upload an attractive resume of yours and provide it to users.
  • 1011-4 Activity Archive: Having a personal website, you can categorize and archive all your portfolios.

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