From graffiti to billboards, businesses have long tried to maximize their interests by gaining control over the visual environment of different cities. In order to achieve this goal, urban advertising is pursued. Although online advertisements and promotional web design have proven to be very effective, urban advertising makes your audience experience your brand in the real world. It is important to connect with your target customers in real life as well.

What is urban advertising?

Urban advertising refers to utilizing the power of commercials to reach an urban population. The urban population consists of people who reside in towns or large cities. In order to capture the attention of this audience, urban advertising suggests speaking through the city itself as a form of visual language. Nowadays, the strategy of urban advertising has made it so that advertisements are everywhere. Even though by now potential customers are used to this phenomenon, that does not mean they are immune to its influence.

Urban advertising benefits

  • it is encouraged and accepted by the majority of the population.
  • By being highly affordable, it enables you to stay within your budget.
  • An advertisement that is placed outdoors, can be seen around the clock.
  • You have the ability to connect with customers without taking much of their time.
  • Urban advertising results in reaching vast amounts of potential customers.
  • Your brand’s image has the chance to be reinforced through repetition of commercials all over the city.
  • Urban advertising in combination with utilizing the internet, has proven to be an effective promotional plan.
  • The contemporary and creative nature of outdoor advertising appeals to your current clients and gives you the opportunity to attract new ones.

Urban advertising types

Billboard advertising

Billboards, banners, posters and other forms of print media are in the group of the most popular outdoor advertisements all over the world. Billboards are usually found in high-traffic places such as busy high roads, presenting commercial messages to passing drivers and pedestrians. 68% of customers claim to make shopping choices while they are driving in the car. Therefore, designing an eye-catching billboard will directly affect the growth of your business.

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Lamppost advertising

Similar to billboards, lamppost advertising ensures exposure in high-traffic areas. The billboards in lamppost advertising however are much more compact in comparison. Lamp post advertising is cheap, effective and durable.

Point of sale advertising

Point of sale advertising is conducted at the moment of purchase. In this marketing strategy, several tools such as screens, posters and banners are utilized to upsell the customers as they ae more likely to add products to their baskets when they have already made an initial purchase. The point of sale displays need to be visually exciting.

Retail advertising

Retail advertising is used in various places of a mall or shopping center. The most common forms of retail advertisement include: Posters, banners, storefronts, etc. retail advertising takes advantage of the clients’ willingness to purchase things while they are in the right environment.

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Construction advertising

Advertising can take place on many different construction sites. They are usually used to promote ongoing or finished projects. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, construction advertising needs to be in tune with the values of the city.

Transit advertising

Transit advertising is the promotion of different products and services in public transportation areas or vehicles. Some of the most common locations for this type of urban advertising include: buses, trains, subways, taxi cabs and also various terminals or stations. Transit ads help brands reach their target customers in an unconventional way.

Features of effective urban advertising

In order to design an effective urban advertisement, it is best to:

  • Utilize simple images and letters.
  • Share a limited number of messages.
  • Pick the appropriate height for your sign.
  • Keep your images relevant to your services.
  • Take local and cultural factors into consideration.
  • Choose colors that are noticeable from a distance.
  • Target your audience by trying to think the way they do.
  • Incorporate your contact information in the space you’re given.
  • Make sure your design while interesting, is not distractive to passing drivers.
  • Review the existing laws and regulations of your city concerning outdoor advertising.
  • Coordinate your advertisement’s features in accordance with the urban environment and its history.

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Why does your business need urban advertising?

Urbanization has resulted in the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. This approach of marketing leads your potential customers to seek more information about your brand. Furthermore, an urban advertising campaign guarantees the relevancy of your business’s message. Urban advertising is especially helpful to small businesses.

Urban advertising with Amina Group

The professional and experienced team of Amina has been active in the field of marketing since 1998. Amina Group’s vision is to enable business owners to achieve their main objectives by reaching their target audience through online and outdoor advertisements. You can contact Amina’s marketing consultants to find out what urban advertising option is best for you.