In today’s digital world, SEO friendly web design is your best option to establish a well-performing platform. The undeniable  benefits of  SEO for your business make learning about this process a necessity.

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of improving a website’s format and content to increase its chances of visibility on different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

What is SEO friendly web design?

SEO friendly web design refers to designing and developing websites that are indexable and easily interpretable by search engines.

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Why should a web design be SEO friendly?

A SEO friendly web design will:

  • Boost your traffic
  • Increase conversion
  • Increase engagement
  • Achieve a higher ranking
  • Reach your target audience
  • Enhance customer experience

Features of a SEO friendly web design

Website domain and hosting

While closely related, domain and hosting provide different services. The domain is the name or address of the website. You need to make sure the domain you use for your business has a relation to what you do. Web hosting is a service that allows you to store your website’s files. In order to increase a website’s searchability, a SEO expert will host a website on unique C blocks of IP addresses.

Friendly URLs

A user-friendly URL helps the search engines determine what the content of the website is about. SEO friendly URLs consist of limited categories and tend to be keyword-rich.


Keywords that apply to your business directly are words and phrases that help users find your webpage via search engines. Keyword placement is a very important step of SEO friendly web design. It is best to strategically place keywords throughout the contents of the website and avoid keyword stuffing.

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content is considered to be a major part of SEO friendly web design. The content of a SEO friendly website needs to be helpful, fresh, factual, relevant and regularly updated.

Visual appeal

In addition to high value content, you want your potential clients to be drawn to the visual aspects of your SEO friendly web design. A simple design paired with unique graphics, custom images and your brand’s logo are the way to go.

Internal and external links

Internal links are used to connect different pages on the same website. By introducing other pages of the website, internal links increase the amount of time a user spends on your platform. External links direct users to a reputable page on another website. This will help potential clients deem your business trust-worthy for connecting them to useful information from credible resources.


in order to achieve higher user engagement and conversion, a website needs to be accessible on all browsers. A web designer needs to make sure that their site has proper speed and looks correct on all browsers.

User experience

A SEO friendly web design is user friendly. In order to ensure a positive experience for the users, an optimized website needs to be easy to navigate. Content hierarchy and internal links are other considerations that need to be prioritized. In contrast to internal links, it is best to keep external links to a minimum because you cannot guarantee the user’s return to your website after clicking away.

Mobile friendly (responsive design)

Websites with SEO friendly features are designed to work the exact same way across different devices. This means that every feature of a mobile friendly website is as accessible on a smartphone as it is on computers.

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Website speed

Website speed is a Google ranking factor. Therefore, your website should load as fast as possible. Google recommends an under two seconds loading time. Too many graphics or plug-ins can affect a web page’s speed in a negative way.


Beating your competitors at SEO takes patience, commitment and expertise. Some ways that have proven to perform effectively in this area include: focusing on original content creation, planning your strategies carefully, jumping on the new trends of SEO and monitoring the competition’s on-site SEO activities.

Easy navigation

Internet users favor websites on which relevant information is easy to access. Classifying top pages, dividing categories clearly and providing a site map on your homepage are a few primary steps toward this goal.

Optimizing header tags

In order to optimize the headings that designate the start of each section, you need to integrate your most important keywords into them. This will help you rank for the keywords you have built your content around.

Optimizing images and videos

In order to optimize images and videos, find the right form of content, add a creative caption and get the file size right. Don’t forget to add an alternative text for users who do not have access to your images.

Connected to social media

Connect your SEO friendly website to social media platforms. In addition to drawing more traffic to your website through increased visibility, social media gives you an opportunity to diversify your content. Social media platforms for images, videos and short-text content help promote your business in ways that are more entertaining to today’s potential clients.

Common mistakes in SEO friendly web design

  • Poor layout
  • Short content
  • Hidden navigation
  • Outdated information
  • Non-responsive design
  • Unhelpful or inaccurate content
  • Uploading heavy media files such as images or videos

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